Arabian Caravan

by Death Trip

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released February 5, 2014

Gravado, mixado e masterizado por André Leal e Kleber Mariano no estúdio Jukebox, em Volta Redonda, nos dias 22 e 23 de dezembro de 2013.




Death Trip Volta Redonda, Brazil

"O mal do punk é achar que ele não é roqueiro..."

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Track Name: Antichrist Religious
The opposition, against me
The reason is on the streets
His name is said, the oppressor, nazism return!
Anti christ religious, man power, president of the peace, the ruler of the world, the sick beast!
Prejudice, immigration, church of the devil, hunger of oil, money is the voice!
Children seedings, human flesh, animal research, atomic bomb, information, new century soldier!
Anti christ religious, man power, president of the peace, the ruler of the world, the sick beast!
Track Name: Sick Feeling
Deep inside my brain
I'm just a little insane
Kill all the time again... and again...
Deep inside my heart, the hardest part
No existing love for tear us apart
Miserable life, fucking life!
No existing place for come out tonight
Deep inside my eyes, there are just lies
No existing love for come out tonight
Track Name: Graceless Fun
Graceless fun that my empty head is trying to remember to forget
Graceless fun, my job sucks, trying one day to be the first
I can't leave this world without a pain
I can't leave this world without hate
Graceless fun, fear of losing
Graceless fun, I have nothing left to prove
Track Name: Beggars
I open my eyes but I'm still asleep
It rains every day inside my house
The smoke of the steel horses
Black water is the bath of the beggars
No job, still sick
I'm getting older every second
Newspaper dripping blood
Human machine working
The master plan is gone
We are all dying!
Track Name: From Here To Hell
It's a beautiful day to die
The sun burns my eyes
No hope, no future
I can't leave this fucking town
Everybody grows up and I stay the same
Accept the blame
Life goes on winning the game
Trading punches with the mirror
Hate is my only friend and this is clear
My mind is my worst enemy
Fight myself looking for a way....
From here to hell!
Track Name: Arabian Caravan
Desert sleepless nights
Blinding lights burns our eyes
The taste of the sand in my mouth
Water is gold, music is the howling of the wolves
Cold hot kills
Change my legs for wheels
Run, run to survive!
My vision gets lost in the middle
Sun makes me drown in mirages
I have nothing and everything
I know... this is madness is mine
Run, run to survive!